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Does Six Month Smiles really only take six months?

A woman with braces smiles | Six Month Smiles Evansville, INA beautiful smile makes a great first impression.

Six Month Smiles earned its name because, on average, we can complete your orthodontic treatment in six months. If your case is more complex than average, your treatment may last seven or eight months. If your case is simpler than average, you may be done in just five months. It all depends on how much we need to move your teeth to create a comfortable and beautiful smile.

We Create a Treatment Plant for You

At your consultation with Dr. Meunier, one of the things you will discuss is your expected course of treatment. Six Month Smiles works best for adults wishing to make cosmetic orthodontic changes to the appearance of their smiles. If you have a complex orthodontic case or problems with your bite, we will make a recommendation for another service or maybe a consultation with an orthodontist. We can answer questions related to your treatment and provide you with possible outcomes so you can make a great decision about the appearance of your smile.

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