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Sometimes concerns about cost can keep you away from the dentist. At Reliant Family Dental, we work with our patients to find a solution that allows them to enjoy a healthy, comfortable smile. We are always up-front with our costs and offer plenty of options to make dentistry fit into your family’s budget.

By maintaining your regular appointments, you can actually save money in the long run. So, if you have questions about the cost of your dental care, give us a call so we can protect your smile and your wallet!

Payment Options Available

We accept the following forms of payment at Reliant Family Dental:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • CareCredit

Insurance Plans Accepted

Here is a list of the most common dental insurance companies that we do business with. If yours is not on the list, just give us a call and we can help you determine your benefits and coverage.

  • Delta Dental
  • Dental Health Options
  • MetLife
  • United Concordia
  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna


Patient Financing Options

If you want to the get the dental care you need now but need to pay it off over time so you can fit it into your family's budget, talk to us. We offer CareCredit patient financing to make this process easier for you. CareCredit offers both interest-free and long-term payment plans so that you can choose the one that works best for you.

You can apply early online and get pre-approved by visiting their website. 

More information about this service:

Quality Dental Plan

For our patients without dental insurance, we offer an option to make getting the care you need affordable. Quality Dental Plan offers you discounted services for one flat fee for your preventive dentistry. - Free listing allows buyers and sellers to quickly locate or advertise products and services to and from other businesses.
Frequently Asked Questions

Throbbing tooth pain might indicate oral injury or infection. This type of tooth pain usually means there is a cavity or an abscess, both of which require professional dental treatment.

Not all abscesses, cavities, and injuries are visible or noticeable, but it’s still incredibly important these issues are treated as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. A dentist can determine the origin of your pain and develop an effective treatment plan to solve the problem.

If you have severe and consistent pain, you should contact your emergency dentist to determine if you need urgent dentistry or a scheduled appointment during regular business hours. 

Watch Out for These Symptoms 

If you have any of the following symptoms, please get in touch with your dentist for assistance:

  • Throbbing pain or constant dull ache
  • Sharp pain when you bite down 
  • Pain, soreness, or aching in the mouth or jaw
  • Tooth sensitivity 
  • Swelling in the mouth or gums 
  • Redness or bleeding in the mouth 
  • Bumps, pus, or white fluid in the mouth 
  • Bad taste or smell in the mouth 
  • Fever

Call Your Emergency Dentist in Evansville, IN 

Dr. Chris Meunier is an excellent dentist; some would even argue that he’s the best dentist in Evansville, IN! Dr. Meunier is compassionate and experienced with various dental concerns, including tooth infections. If you have tooth pain or other signs of an oral infection, please don’t hesitate to contact our dental office. 

At Reliant Family Dental, we know that dental emergencies can sneak up entirely out of nowhere. And when you’re caught off guard by a dental injury during a sporting event, family dinner, business meeting, or other situation, you’ll want to have somewhere to turn. Knowing ahead of time that you have a caring emergency dentist on your side can make all the difference.

Emergency Dentist in Evansville, IN 

Our Evansville dentist, Dr. Chris Meunier, sees patients for emergency dentistry in Evansville on a routine basis. If your dental emergency happens during our business hours, we’ll do our best to see you that very same day before we close.

If the injury occurs later in the evening or even in the middle of the night, you should still contact us right away. Some dental emergencies can’t wait for even a few hours, so we’ll need to treat you immediately. 

Whenever you have a dental emergency in Evansville, we encourage you to call us at (812) 402-7676.

Once you call, a member of our treatment team will talk through the specifics of what happened and determine when we need to see you. Even though we are closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we still monitor our phones in the case of dental emergencies. 

Book an Emergency Dentistry Appointment in Evansville, IN

Dr. Meunier may ask you to come in immediately, or he may request to see you as the very first dental appointment for the following morning if it’s safe to wait on your treatment. Dental emergencies become top priorities when patients call in with an injured tooth, so we’ll always recommend the best treatment for your unique situation. 

For help with emergency dentistry in Evansville, IN, please call us at (812) 402-7676.

a woman looks concerned in the dental chair Your Comfort Is Our Priority

We know that seeing a dentist in Evansville typically isn’t at the top of everyone’s list of favorite activities. But we also know that providing a comfortable, welcoming office filled with friendly, skilled, helpful people along with homelike amenities such as wide-screen TVs, comfy chairs, a coffee bar, and Internet access is an excellent step toward changing that.

Our Staff Puts You At Ease

At Reliant Family Dental, we have a highly skilled team who understands that dentistry should not be painful or scary. We make your comfort a high priority and even offer nitrous oxide for those patients who need a little help relaxing in the dental chair. Don't be afraid to ask! Dental phobia is more common than you might think – millions of American feel the same way you do.

Our goal is for every one of our patients to enjoy visiting our office and getting the care they need and deserve from a talented and compassionate team. We don’t believe that dentistry needs to be scary and stressful, and we practice dentistry with the patients' needs first in our mind.

If there’s ever anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable, don’t hesitate to let us know! We want to make your experience a great one!

Dental emergencies involve injuries to your teeth and mouth that pose an immediate, time-sensitive threat to your health. Dental emergencies are often painful, and most come as a complete surprise when you are least expecting them.

If you experience an injury that requires immediate treatment no matter what time of day it is, you have a dental emergency on your hands.

If you’re dealing with minor pain, bleeding, or sensitivity, or if you have a non-urgent issue with your mouth, then you don’t need an emergency dental appointment and can wait until the next business day. 

What Is and Isn't a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies are typically:

  • Broken teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Broken jaws
  • Infected or abscessed teeth
  • Excruciating toothaches 
  • The unexpected need for a tooth extraction
  • Swelling, bleeding, or discolored teeth
  • Broken or lost dental restorations, like a tooth crown, that expose the damaged tooth and render it painful or vulnerable to infection

Dental emergencies typically are not:

  • Teeth that are mildly sensitive to hot or cold temperatures
  • Gums that bleed while you floss or brush your teeth
  • Broken orthodontic wires
  • Minor toothaches that you can control for that day with an over-the-counter painkiller
  • Loose dental fillings 
  • A cold sore or small cut on your tongue, lips, or cheek

Emergency Dentistry in Evansville, IN

The next time you have a dental emergency in Evansville, IN, please don’t hesitate to call us at (812) 402-7676.

If you have a severe, persistent toothache, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Chris Meunier, our emergency dentist in Evansville, IN. A toothache can indicate a more serious oral health issue, like an infection or nerve damage. When it comes to high-quality dentistry, patients of all ages can trust Reliant Family Dental with their needs and concerns. 

For temporary relief of tooth pain, you can try the following steps:

  1. Rinse with warm salt water to loosen debris between your teeth and reduce inflammation. Warm salt water also acts as a disinfectant and helps fight oral bacteria. 
  2. Take over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen and naproxen. These medications work very well against tooth pain as they block the enzyme that causes gum inflammation and swelling. 
  3. Use a cold compress on the cheek or area of the face closest to the aching tooth. The cold compress can help reduce swelling.  

Looking for the Best Dentist in Evansville, IN?

If you have severe or persistent dental pain, please get in touch with our dental office. Our emergency dentist can relieve your pain, treat your problem, and develop a personalized treatment plan. Your smile's health is essential, and we are here to help you!

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