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We are committed to providing our patients with full information about their dental health and the care we provide.

Your health is important to us, and any time you have a question about our practice or dentistry in general, feel free to give us a call or fill out our convenient online email form.

Check out our selection of questions we are often asked. If your question isn’t answered here or if you need more information, just call!


Throbbing tooth pain might indicate oral injury or infection. This type of tooth pain usually means there is a cavity or an abscess, both of which require professional dental treatment.

Not all abscesses, cavities, and injuries are visible or noticeable, but it’s still incredibly important these issues are treated as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. A dentist can determine the origin of your pain and develop an effective treatment plan to solve the problem.

If you have severe and consistent pain, you should contact your emergency dentist to determine if you need urgent dentistry or a scheduled appointment during regular business hours. 

Watch Out for These Symptoms 

If you have any of the following symptoms, please get in touch with your dentist for assistance:

  • Throbbing pain or constant dull ache
  • Sharp pain when you bite down 
  • Pain, soreness, or aching in the mouth or jaw
  • Tooth sensitivity 
  • Swelling in the mouth or gums 
  • Redness or bleeding in the mouth 
  • Bumps, pus, or white fluid in the mouth 
  • Bad taste or smell in the mouth 
  • Fever

Call Your Emergency Dentist in Evansville, IN 

Dr. Chris Meunier is an excellent dentist; some would even argue that he’s the best dentist in Evansville, IN! Dr. Meunier is compassionate and experienced with various dental concerns, including tooth infections. If you have tooth pain or other signs of an oral infection, please don’t hesitate to contact our dental office. 

At Reliant Family Dental, we know that dental emergencies can sneak up entirely out of nowhere. And when you’re caught off guard by a dental injury during a sporting event, family dinner, business meeting, or other situation, you’ll want to have somewhere to turn. Knowing ahead of time that you have a caring emergency dentist on your side can make all the difference.

Emergency Dentist in Evansville, IN 

Our Evansville dentist, Dr. Chris Meunier, sees patients for emergency dentistry in Evansville on a routine basis. If your dental emergency happens during our business hours, we’ll do our best to see you that very same day before we close.

If the injury occurs later in the evening or even in the middle of the night, you should still contact us right away. Some dental emergencies can’t wait for even a few hours, so we’ll need to treat you immediately. 

Whenever you have a dental emergency in Evansville, we encourage you to call us at (812) 402-7676.

Once you call, a member of our treatment team will talk through the specifics of what happened and determine when we need to see you. Even though we are closed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we still monitor our phones in the case of dental emergencies. 

Book an Emergency Dentistry Appointment in Evansville, IN

Dr. Meunier may ask you to come in immediately, or he may request to see you as the very first dental appointment for the following morning if it’s safe to wait on your treatment. Dental emergencies become top priorities when patients call in with an injured tooth, so we’ll always recommend the best treatment for your unique situation. 

For help with emergency dentistry in Evansville, IN, please call us at (812) 402-7676.

a woman looks concerned in the dental chair Your Comfort Is Our Priority

We know that seeing a dentist in Evansville typically isn’t at the top of everyone’s list of favorite activities. But we also know that providing a comfortable, welcoming office filled with friendly, skilled, helpful people along with homelike amenities such as wide-screen TVs, comfy chairs, a coffee bar, and Internet access is an excellent step toward changing that.

Our Staff Puts You At Ease

At Reliant Family Dental, we have a highly skilled team who understands that dentistry should not be painful or scary. We make your comfort a high priority and even offer nitrous oxide for those patients who need a little help relaxing in the dental chair. Don't be afraid to ask! Dental phobia is more common than you might think – millions of American feel the same way you do.

Our goal is for every one of our patients to enjoy visiting our office and getting the care they need and deserve from a talented and compassionate team. We don’t believe that dentistry needs to be scary and stressful, and we practice dentistry with the patients' needs first in our mind.

If there’s ever anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable, don’t hesitate to let us know! We want to make your experience a great one!

Dental emergencies involve injuries to your teeth and mouth that pose an immediate, time-sensitive threat to your health. Dental emergencies are often painful, and most come as a complete surprise when you are least expecting them.

If you experience an injury that requires immediate treatment no matter what time of day it is, you have a dental emergency on your hands.

If you’re dealing with minor pain, bleeding, or sensitivity, or if you have a non-urgent issue with your mouth, then you don’t need an emergency dental appointment and can wait until the next business day. 

What Is and Isn't a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies are typically:

  • Broken teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Broken jaws
  • Infected or abscessed teeth
  • Excruciating toothaches 
  • The unexpected need for a tooth extraction
  • Swelling, bleeding, or discolored teeth
  • Broken or lost dental restorations, like a tooth crown, that expose the damaged tooth and render it painful or vulnerable to infection

Dental emergencies typically are not:

  • Teeth that are mildly sensitive to hot or cold temperatures
  • Gums that bleed while you floss or brush your teeth
  • Broken orthodontic wires
  • Minor toothaches that you can control for that day with an over-the-counter painkiller
  • Loose dental fillings 
  • A cold sore or small cut on your tongue, lips, or cheek

Emergency Dentistry in Evansville, IN

The next time you have a dental emergency in Evansville, IN, please don’t hesitate to call us at (812) 402-7676.

If you have a severe, persistent toothache, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Chris Meunier, our emergency dentist in Evansville, IN. A toothache can indicate a more serious oral health issue, like an infection or nerve damage. When it comes to high-quality dentistry, patients of all ages can trust Reliant Family Dental with their needs and concerns. 

For temporary relief of tooth pain, you can try the following steps:

  1. Rinse with warm salt water to loosen debris between your teeth and reduce inflammation. Warm salt water also acts as a disinfectant and helps fight oral bacteria. 
  2. Take over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen and naproxen. These medications work very well against tooth pain as they block the enzyme that causes gum inflammation and swelling. 
  3. Use a cold compress on the cheek or area of the face closest to the aching tooth. The cold compress can help reduce swelling.  

Looking for the Best Dentist in Evansville, IN?

If you have severe or persistent dental pain, please get in touch with our dental office. Our emergency dentist can relieve your pain, treat your problem, and develop a personalized treatment plan. Your smile's health is essential, and we are here to help you!

We're Easy to Find!reliant family dental logo l dentist evansville in

Reliant Family Dental is conveniently located off I-69 on N Green River Road in Evansville, IN. You can take Exit 10 at Lynch Road and turn on N Green River Road, and you will see our office building on the corner of N Green River and Davis Lant Drive. 

Our dental office is right next to several businesses, some of which include Walgreens and Great Clips. Tennis courts and a soccer field are directly across the street from us. 

Our building is tan with a red and black sign, and a black awning hangs over our front door. We have ample parking for our visitors, some of which are close to the front for your convenience. 

If you have any trouble finding our dental office in Evansville, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. One of our friendly staff members will be happy to point you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have. 

A Family Dentist You Can Count On

Have you ever searched online for a “dentist near me” and weren’t pleased with the results? Well, look no further than Dr. Chris Meunier at Reliant Family Dental!

Dr. Meunier is an experienced family dentist who enjoys helping his patients attain their healthiest and brightest smiles. Our team would be delighted to be your family’s dental home.

We look forward to welcoming you to our office!

An emergency dentist can pull a tooth as a last resort if it poses a health risk to the patient. For example, an emergency extraction typically means a tooth should be removed within 24 to 48 hours. If you have a dental emergency, you can depend on Reliant Family Dental. Please call us for emergency dental appointments at (812) 402-7676

Scenarios during which a patient might need an emergency extraction might include:

  • Severe infection
  • Severe breaks or injuries
  • Severe pain
  • Large cracks or fractures in the tooth

First and foremost, your emergency dentist in Evansville, IN, will try to save your natural tooth and only remove a tooth as a last resort to protect your smile's health. If the tooth requires replacements, the dentist will also discuss your options for prostheses, like dental bridges, implants, or dentures.

Your Emergency Dentist in Evansville, IN 

Countless families agree that Dr. Chris Meunier is the best dentist in Evansville, IN, especially when it comes to emergency dentistry. Everyone on our team is warm and inviting, and we strive to make every appointment pain-free, stress-free, and pleasant.

We offer comforting amenities and numbing agents to reduce pain and discomfort during dental appointments. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today for assistance or to come in for an emergency dental situation.  

Children's Dentistry

a family laughs on the couchWe're Here For The Whole Family


At Reliant Family Dental, we are here to treat your entire family – it’s right there in our name! We love treating kids, and kids love coming to our office!

We Want to Grow With Your Family

Part of what makes our job enjoyable is the fact that we love watching families grow! We make each experience a positive one so your child will develop a good relationship with Dr. Meunier and our team. This takes the fear out of dentistry for your kids. We always speak in a language they can understand and avoid scary terms that can put our littlest patients on edge. We will start with simple preventive treatments that make the most sense based on the age of your child, and as they grow, we will implement more preventive and diagnostic procedures to protect their teeth and gums.

We Set Your Family Up For Success

We also work to educate parents on caring for their child's teeth and gums. By practicing effective home care, maintaining regular dental exams and cleanings, and considering additional preventive treatments such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments, we can keep your children's teeth and smile bright.

Call today to schedule your child’s dental appointment with Evansville dentist Dr. Chris Meunier. We can't wait to meet all the members of your family.


Pediatric Dentistry Evansville IN | Reliant Family Dental

Starting At Age Three, Children Are Welcome

We welcome children beginning at the age of three. Of course, if you have questions, want to make sure they are developing typically, or if you suspect something is wrong, you can make an appointment for your little one before then.

Your kids first dental appointment is an exciting time! This appointment is as much about communicating with you, the parent, as it is about checking your child's oral health. We can go over proper home care techniques, show you how to brush and clean your child's teeth and gums, and go over what you can expect as your little one develops. 

We Work With Your Child

We move at the pace that is right for your child. If we can clean their teeth, we will! If they do not want to cooperate at this young age, that's ok too. We can add in additional oral health treatments as they become ready.

We want each dental visit to be fun, educational, and interactive for your child. Setting up a positive foundation can have a lasting impact on the future of their oral health! By starting on the right foot, they can avoid many common dental conditions associated with childhood.

Schedule Your Child's Appointment Today!

Prevention is what it is all about! By protecting your child's oral care, you are taking an enormous step toward a healthy future. To schedule your child's appointment, please don't hesitate to give us a call today!

Cosmetic Dentistry

An image of a dental mirror reflecting a smile | porcelain veneers Evansville, INWhile porcelain veneers are designed to be durable, they won’t last forever and may need to be replaced after about ten years.

You can extend the life of your veneers by:

  • Taking good care of your teeth with a regular brushing and flossing routine
  • Visiting us for regular checkups
  • Brushing your teeth after consuming foods and drinks that stain
  • Not smoking
  • Avoiding chewing things that are not food such as ice, pencils, and fingernails.

Regular dental cleanings and exams are essential to the health of your natural teeth as well as your restorative dentistry. If you have a clenching and grinding habit, a nightguard can protect your veneers from damage while you sleep.

If you have chosen the type of veneers that require preparation of the teeth (which removes a layer of enamel), the process is irreversible, and you will need to keep veneers on your teeth permanently. While they are a lifelong commitment, most of our patients wouldn't have it any other way! They love the new look of their smiles and wish they had opted for treatment sooner.

Contact Reliant Family Dental

If you are considering porcelain veneers, please call our office so we can discuss the process and your options with you.

a woman gets a veneer matched to her teeth | Evansville IN dentistVeneers

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are placed over the top of the teeth to conceal many cosmetic flaws.

Some types of veneers require that a layer of enamel is removed before they are placed, a process that is irreversible. Veneers are made by a lab and need at least two appointments to complete. They have a realistic appearance and are slightly translucent, much like your natural teeth. We design them with your goals for your smile in mind and take great care to make sure they look natural.


Bonding also conceals a number of flaws but requires less prep work than veneers. Bonding can be performed in a single appointment. The material is applied to your teeth by Dr. Meunier and then shaped to fit. It is the same material we use to create tooth-colored fillings – a mixture of BPA-free plastic and microscopic glass particles. Once the fit is correct, and the problem is fixed, the bonding material is cured using a particular type of light. Cosmetic bonding also looks great, but will not always give you the same natural appearance that porcelain veneers provide.

Call our office to schedule a consultation and determine which process is right for you and your needs.

a tooth sits atop a stack of cash | Dentist Evansville INGenerally speaking, no.

It's Unique To The Procedure

Some procedures that might be considered “cosmetic” in nature may be covered because they are also being done to improve the functionality of your teeth, such as porcelain crowns or tooth-colored composite filling. This is true for patients with severely damaged smiles due to an accident or chronic clenching and grinding. Because your dentin may be exposed, it can cause sensitivity and make you more prone to decay. In cases such as this, your insurance may cover a portion of your treatment. Ultimately, it depends on your insurance and your level of coverage.

We Offer Financing For You

At Reliant Family Dental, we make it easy for you to get the dental care you need – including cosmetic treatments – because we offer to finance through CareCredit and the Quality Dental Plan. We can discuss ways to phase out your treatment over time to help you fit it into your budget. We can start by repairing the teeth that most need our attention and move on from there. We also offer super affordable options such as cosmetic dental bonding and teeth whitening.

To learn more about how we are making cosmetic dentistry more accessible for everybody, please give us a call and set up a consultation appointment with Evansville dentist Dr. Chris Meunier.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

We believe the answer to this question is a yes! But it also depends on the situation—let's get to it!

Dentists use crowns to restore a tooth that is significantly damaged or decayed. For instance, if your tooth is simply cracked or chipped, a filling may be a better option for you. But the functionality of a dental crown doesn't stop there. Dental crowns also:

  • Protect a weak tooth from breaking
  • Hold together parts of a cracked tooth
  • Cover a tooth that has been severely discolored or damaged
  • Support a dental bridge
  • Cover a dental implant 

All this to say, while dental crowns are generally safe and effective, there are a few things to keep in mind, including:

  • Temporary tooth sensitivity after a newly placed crown
  • Cost and eventual replacement
  • Like natural teeth, crowns are not indestructible—they can chip, become loose, and even fa.ll off
  • Allergic reactions can occur, although this is extremely rare
  • A dark line may appear beside the gum line of a crowned tooth, which is the metal of the crown

Overall, dental crowns are an excellent option for those seeking to improve the appearance or function of their smile. Without a dental crown, a damaged tooth is at risk of breaking or suffering additional damage.

A tooth not properly protected can become infected, leading to pain and swelling. If left untreated, an infected tooth can cause serious health problems. 

Dental Crowns Evansville IN

Are you missing a tooth? Do you have a tooth that's damaged or decaying? If so, you may be a candidate for a dental crown. When you're ready, give us a call to schedule your consultation at our Evansville, IN, dental office. We're happy to answer any questions you have! 

Dental crowns are one of the most common dental procedures, but that doesn't mean they're right for everyone. So, let's take a look at the pros and cons!

What Are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a prosthetic tooth that covers an existing tooth. You can think of a crown as a cap or a helmet.

Crowns can be made from various materials, including porcelain, zirconia, metal, or composite resin. They're typically used to strengthen a tooth damaged by decay or injury.

Dentists can also use crowns to improve the appearance of misshapen or discolored teeth. 

What Are The Pros of Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a type of dental restoration that encases the entire tooth, restoring its shape, size, and strength. Dental crowns improve the look of your smile and protect your teeth from further damage. Below are some of the other benefits of dental crowns. 

  • Cover up misshapen or discolored teeth
  • Restore a tooth badly damaged by decay or injury
  • Help prevent further damage to an already weakened tooth
  • Support a dental bridge
  • Help you maintain a healthy, attractive smile
  • Protect a tooth that has had a root canal
  • Restore a missing tooth when used with a dental implant

What Are The Cons of Dental Crowns?

While dental crowns offer several benefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider:

  • Crowns can be expensive, especially if you need more than one
  • The procedure for getting a crown can be time-consuming, and it may require multiple visits to the dentist
  • Crowns are not always permanent, and they may eventually need replacing

Despite these cons, it's important to remember that dental crowns can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile and help you regain confidence. Ultimately, deciding to get a crown is personal and should be discussed with your dentist.

Dental Crowns Evansville, IN

It's important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if dental crowns are right for you. When you're ready, contact our Evansville, IN, dental practice. We'll go over the advantages and disadvantages—and while they have some cons (such as being somewhat expensive), the pros outweigh the cons!

Dental Implants

a diagram of a dental implant | dental implants evansvilleGet A Lifetime of Beautiful Teeth

Dental implants are a remarkable modern dental technology that replaces missing teeth with lifelike prosthetics that look and function like real teeth.

The implant itself is a titanium “root” that is placed in your jaw and fuses with your bone over time. This process, called osseointegration, gives you a stable foundation to hold your dental crown in place. Dental implants do not move or shift like dentures, and they provide our patients with convenient, reliable dentistry that allows them to enjoy an unrestricted diet. 

Once your dental implant "root" heals and fuses with your bone, Dr. Meunier can restore the implant with a durable and natural-looking crown, which is crafted to blend in perfectly with the rest of your teeth. When you smile, no one will notice you have a dental implant, and you can take care of it just like your natural teeth. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings are essential to the longevity of your dentistry – including dental implants.

Secure Dentures and Bridges

We can also use dental implants to secure other dentistry prosthetics such as fixed dental bridges and dentures. This use of dental implants combines the affordability from these treatments with the stability and health benefits of dental implants. A few strategically placed dental implants can keep your teeth from shifting when you eat, smile, and laugh. 

If you're interested in dental implants, please don't hesitate to contact our Evansville, IN dental office today! We're happy to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. 

An overdenture is a removable prosthesis that covers and rests on remaining natural teeth or dental implants. Many dental professionals agree that an overdenture is one of the most practical measures used in preventive dental care because it delays tooth and bone loss. Reliant Family Dental can provide the treatment you need to restore your bite and appearance with comfortable and natural-looking overdentures. 

Types of Overdentures 

There are two main types of overdentures: tooth-supported and implant-supported. 

#1 Tooth-Supported 

Tooth-supported overdentures rely on natural tooth structures to hold the prosthesis. The dentist will contour or reshape the tooth structure above the gum to ensure a precise fit and healthy bite. The dentist may also need to perform root canal therapy to remove the nerve-containing tooth pulp, but this depends on the patient. Retaining natural teeth in the jaw––more specifically, natural tooth roots––help preserve the bone and reduce bone resorption that occurs due to tooth loss. 

#2 Implant-Supported 

Implant-supported overdentures are common for edentulous patients with sufficient bone density in the jaws to support the prosthesis. This overdenture has support from the dental implants and intraoral tissues, providing a stronger foundation for the artificial teeth and reducing bone resorption. 

Implant overdentures are more stable and snug than dentures held in place by adhesives or suction. Not only do overdentures improve your appearance, but they improve your ability to eat and speak without slipping or shifting. Overdentures are also less likely to cause mouth sores than conventional dentures. 

Comfortable and Lifelike Overdentures in Evansville, IN 

Reliant Family Dental is your go-to place for high-quality, natural-looking overdentures in Evansville, IN. If you have missing teeth or want to learn more about tooth replacement options, please call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chris Meunier.

Dental Implants | Evansville, IN | Reliant Family DentalIf you have missing teeth, chances are you’re hiding your smile, chewing on one side, and wishing for something better. At Reliant Family Dental, we get it, and we want to help.

Dental implants in Evansville, IN are the gold standard when it comes to tooth replacement. And our patients who have undergone the dental implant process could not be happier.

Dental Implants Equal the Gold Standard in Tooth Replacement

There is simply no better tooth-replacement restoration on the planet. Dental implants look natural, feel natural, and function as normal teeth. Dental implants also up your oral health, improve your dietary selection, and help save existing teeth. Their versatility is remarkable.

When teeth are missing, the teeth left behind tend to shift toward these new cavernous spaces, which lead to uneven chewing, loose teeth, and wear. Additionally, your jawbone disappears without the support of teeth. Dental implants fix both these issues and help prevent future tooth loss and dental problems.

Dental implants require no messy dental adhesives or special care beyond routine dental visits and a good oral hygiene plan at home. A good oral hygiene plan is important because no restoration in the world protects against gum disease!

How It Works

A dental implant is a slender but sturdy implant post surgically placed in your jaw. It is made of titanium so it is strong and bonds easily with your jawbone over several months. When bonding is complete, you are ready for a permanent restoration tooth crown.

If you have complete tooth loss, approximately four dental implants can support a denture, restoring your bite and your smile!

Get in Touch with Our Dental Office Today

If you would like to learn more about dental implants or schedule a dental implant appointment—to discuss your options—with our top Evansville, IN dentist, contact our team now! We are always available to help you achieve your best smile.

Dentures & Partials

Dentures lay on a white backdrop | dentures Evansville iNModern Technology Means Natural-Looking Dentures

Dental technology has advanced considerably in the last few years, and most modern dentures are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth. Gone are the blocky, chalk-colored teeth set into cotton candy pink gums!

We trust a high-quality lab with the crafting of our patients’ dentures, and they make the dentures with precision to look realistic and fit securely and comfortably.

We Create A Treatment Plan For You

You can play a part in the outcome of how your dentures look. Dr. Meunier will discuss your goals for your smile and make sure you end up with dentures you feel proud of. Denture teeth have come a long way when it comes to how realistic they look. Today's denture teeth are shaded to match your facial tone and do not look too white or too yellow, but instead provide you with a natural look.

Contact Us

If you are a person who has always struggled with the way your dentures fit, you will be happy to know that Dr. Meunier can place a few dental implants in your jaw bone that allow your dentures to lock in place. This eliminates embarrassing moments when eating or speaking and allows our denture patients a more full range of dietary options. Secure dentures also reduce your risk of developing sore spots. So please, if you're interested in getting new dentures, don't hesitate to contact our friendly Evansville, IN dental office today. 

A diagram of a fixed dental bridge | Dental implants evansville inEvery Case is Unique

Both dentures and dental implants have their own advantages, and this is an individual and personal decision. We will provide you with the information you need to make this decision, but ultimately, it’s up to you.

Dentures tend to be a more affordable solution, and technology has evolved considerably to the point where dentures look realistic and sit comfortably and securely. Most dental insurance plans cover dentures – or at least a significant portion of the cost.

Dental Implants Versus Dentures

While dental implants cost more - and many dental insurance plans only cover a portion of the cost - they do provide advantages that are not possible with dentures. Because the implant is placed into the structure of the jaw, it prevents the reabsorption of the jaw tissue that happens when you are missing teeth. Dentures are unable to provide this benefit. Dental implants become a permanent part of the structure of your mouth and are cared for in the same way that you would care for your teeth.

A hybrid option is also available – implant-retained dentures. Implant-retained dentures are held in place with a few dental implants, reducing the cost while still giving you some of the benefits of having dental implants.

Call Our Evansville, IN Dental Office

If cost is a concern for you, please talk to us about our financing options and Quality Dental Plan. For more information on dentures or dental implants in Evansville, IN, please give our office a call today. 

An overdenture is a removable prosthesis that covers and rests on remaining natural teeth or dental implants. Many dental professionals agree that an overdenture is one of the most practical measures used in preventive dental care because it delays tooth and bone loss. Reliant Family Dental can provide the treatment you need to restore your bite and appearance with comfortable and natural-looking overdentures. 

Types of Overdentures 

There are two main types of overdentures: tooth-supported and implant-supported. 

#1 Tooth-Supported 

Tooth-supported overdentures rely on natural tooth structures to hold the prosthesis. The dentist will contour or reshape the tooth structure above the gum to ensure a precise fit and healthy bite. The dentist may also need to perform root canal therapy to remove the nerve-containing tooth pulp, but this depends on the patient. Retaining natural teeth in the jaw––more specifically, natural tooth roots––help preserve the bone and reduce bone resorption that occurs due to tooth loss. 

#2 Implant-Supported 

Implant-supported overdentures are common for edentulous patients with sufficient bone density in the jaws to support the prosthesis. This overdenture has support from the dental implants and intraoral tissues, providing a stronger foundation for the artificial teeth and reducing bone resorption. 

Implant overdentures are more stable and snug than dentures held in place by adhesives or suction. Not only do overdentures improve your appearance, but they improve your ability to eat and speak without slipping or shifting. Overdentures are also less likely to cause mouth sores than conventional dentures. 

Comfortable and Lifelike Overdentures in Evansville, IN 

Reliant Family Dental is your go-to place for high-quality, natural-looking overdentures in Evansville, IN. If you have missing teeth or want to learn more about tooth replacement options, please call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chris Meunier.

General Dentistry

a toothbrush and toothpaste sit on a table | preventive dentistry evansvillePeriodontal disease is often highly preventable. It occurs primarily because of neglect including home care and routine dental cleanings and exams.

Taking a few easy measures can significantly lower your risk of developing the condition:

  • Brush and floss your teeth as directed by Dr. Meunier and your hygienist.
  • Visit our office regularly for professional cleanings.
  • Follow Dr. Meunier’s recommendations for products that will reduce your risk of developing gum disease if you have a family history of the condition.
  • Eat a healthy, nutritious diet to keep your immune system in great shape.
  • Eat calcium-rich foods to keep your bones healthy.
  • If you smoke, stop.

If you develop new medical conditions, you should let us know at your appointment because your overall health can affect your oral health and vice versa. Medications, age, and hormones all play a part in the health of your gums. Your gum health is essential to your dental health and plays a significant role in your systemic health and can exacerbate including heart health, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, respiratory illnesses, and even low birthweight babies.

Contact Reliant Family Dental

No matter what level of gum disease you suffer from, we can help you achieve excellent oral health again. Please, feel free to contact our Evansville dental office. Dr. Meunier and our entire team are focused on solutions that allow you to keep your teeth, have fresh breath, and feel proud of your smile.

It has never been more critical to take care of your health in this ever-changing world, and your dental health is no exception. Finding a dentist you can trust and build a relationship with is important, especially when you have a family to consider.woman smiling in dental exam chair l general dentist evansville in

Dr. Chris Meunier is a general dentist, which means that we provide a wide range of services at our dental office in Evansville. We see patients of all ages at Reliant Family Dental, including children starting at the age of three years old.

Whether it's time for your next teeth cleaning and checkup, you have a broken tooth that needs repair, or you'd like to make changes to the appearance of your smile, Dr. Meunier and his team can help you. Some of the preventive and restorative services you can expect to find at our Evansville dental office are:

  • Professional teeth cleanings
  • Checkups and examinations
  • Treatment for gum disease
  • Tooth crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Root canal treatment
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Tooth implants

Helping you maintain your healthy and beautiful smile for a lifetime is our goal at Reliant Family Dental.

You Deserve a Beautiful Smile in Evansville, IN

If you would like to make changes to the appearance of your smile, Dr. Meunier offers several cosmetic dental services to help you reach your goals, such as:

  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Porcelain veneers and crowns
  • Dental bonding
  • Solutions for missing teeth
  • Invisible braces with Six-Month-Smiles

Whether your smile needs a boost or a complete makeover, Dr. Meunier will personalize a treatment plan that meets both your goals and your budget.

Our Focus Is Dental Prevention

Part of your relationship with your general dentist is visiting them every six months for a routine teeth cleaning and checkup. These visits are critical for helping you avoid more significant problems in the future, such as tooth decay, gum disease, or cavities.

When you visit Reliant Family Dental every six months, our hygienist will remove the hard-to-reach plaque that causes tooth decay and gum disease from your teeth during your cleaning.

Dr. Meunier will perform a thorough examination that identifies any concerns as early as possible, such as breakdown of your current tooth restorations, early signs of tooth decay, and screenings for oral cancer. These types of dental problems are much easier and less expensive to treat when you're proactive about treating them as early as possible.

Solutions for Jaw Pain

Dr. Meunier also has extensive experience helping patients relieve a painful jaw joint disorder called temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMJD.

This condition can become quite painful and impact the quality of life with symptoms like jaw joint popping and clicking, pain or tenderness when chewing, frequent headaches, migraines, or neck and shoulder pain. 

Dr. Meunier and his team offer solutions that have helped hundreds of patients get relief from TMJD, and get back to their normal lives. 

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Reliant Family Dental is always accepting new patients. We welcome your call today at (812) 402-7676 if you're looking for an exceptional general dentist in Evansville and you'd like to schedule your next dental appointment.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

a before and after image of a smile that has been whitened | dentist Evansville INKöR Deep Bleaching System 

At Reliant Family Dental, we use the KöR Deep Bleaching system to get stunning, long-lasting whitening results for our patients without the sensitivity that is common with many other brands. You can expect dramatic results in less time than you might think. We jumpstart your whitening with in-office treatments and then send you home with a touch-up kit to continue your treatment or brighten it, as needed.

Some whitening systems require you to perform the whole treatment every few years or so to keep your teeth sparkling white. With KöR, all you need is some occasional home maintenance to keep your results permanent. How often you need to touch up your teeth is based on you and your lifestyle. If you use tobacco or drink coffee, you can expect to touch up more frequently than others who avoid those staining behaviors.

You May Want to Touch-Up Your Smile

Ultimately, most patients will wish to touch up their whitening at some point. Your custom whitening trays will give you great results. We always stock additional KöR whitening gel so your smile stays gorgeous for your lifetime. A beautiful, white smile can add confidence to your day-to-day interactions and make it easy to make a great first impression! So, if you're interested in enhancing your smile with a whitening treatment, please don't hesitate to contact our Evansville, IN dental team today!

A woman holds her hand to her mouth | Teeth whitening Evansville, INEveryone is Unique

For many people wishing to improve the appearance of their smiles, sensitivity is sometimes a concern. Most people can whiten without any side effects, but others find it nearly impossible without the correct products. We want to make whitening accessible to everyone!

While not all forms of teeth whitening are appropriate for people with sensitive teeth, at Reliant Family Dental, we use the KöR Deep Bleaching system, which contains an added desensitizing ingredient – meaning it’s perfectly fine for our patients with sensitive teeth!

KöR Deep Bleaching System

KöR teeth whitening is the go-to whitening system for people who have gum recession or other conditions that cause sensitivity. KöR makes it possible for patients to have whiter teeth, even if they never thought it was possible!

We start with our in-office whitening treatment, and you will leave the same day with your new smile! We also send you home with personalized whitening trays so you can continue treatment at home or use it later, should touch-ups become necessary.

How often you need to touch up your teeth depends mainly upon your lifestyle habits. Patients use tobacco or drink coffee will need to perform their at-home treatments more frequently.

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Contact us to learn more about how you can have a white, beautiful smile.


A woman gets her teeth whitened | Teeth Whitening Evansville INWe Have Options For A Whiter, Brighter Smile

Teeth that are yellow or otherwise discolored are a common problem – one that we frequently treat here at Reliant Family Dental. Fortunately, you have a few options to improve the color of your teeth.

In-Office Whitening

We offer professional in-office teeth whitening using the KöR Deep Bleaching system. This system can remove a wide variety of stains and discoloration and is appropriate even for people with sensitive teeth. The results last a long time, and we send you home with customized whitening trays so you can do touch-ups if they become necessary. That means a lifetime of beautiful smiles for you!


If the stains on your teeth are resistant to bleaching, porcelain veneers may be an option. These thin shells fit over your teeth to conceal a number of cosmetic flaws. They can even lengthen worn teeth, so they look young and beautiful!

If you are troubled by small patches of discoloration on your teeth caused by damage to the enamel, cosmetic dental bonding may be a simple and effective solution.

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Call our Evansville, IN dental office today to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Chris Meunier to discuss the causes behind your discoloration and create a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Preventive Dentistry

a doctor looks at dental xrays | dentist Evansville inAbsolutely.

Dental x-rays use a very low dose of radiation and provide us with valuable information about what is going on below your gums and underneath the enamel of your teeth. Dental x-rays have always been low in radiation compared to other medical x-rays. We have reduced that low radiation even more by bringing digital dental x-rays to our Evansville, IN dental office.

Digital X-Rays Keep You Safe

At Reliant Family Dental, digital dental x-rays cut your radiation exposure by up to 90 percent and create high-resolution digital images for improved diagnostics. These images make it easy for us to zoom in and highlight specific areas, which we can then show you so you can better understand our recommended treatment plan.

We store your digital dental x-rays in your electronic chart where they are protected by encryption for your privacy. We can quickly send your digital x-rays to other offices should a referral become necessary. We can also easily access them for side-by-side comparisons over time and monitor any dental conditions you have.

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Dental x-rays are a significant investment in your smile and are safe for you and your family! We take only the x-rays necessary to rule out any problems. We can discuss your dental x-rays with you if you have any concerns. If you need x-rays for you and your family, please contact our Evansville, IN dental office today. 

A dental office | Dentist Evansville, IN We Customize Service for Your Needs

Part of the care we provide at Reliant Family Dental includes customizing your service based on your needs. Our treatment is never one-size-fits-all because each patient needs something different.

We recommend that you and your family visit our office at least twice each year for routine dental examinations. These examinations allow us to touch base with you about your care, answer any questions or concerns you might have, and perform a thorough exam to make sure your teeth are healthy. With regular examinations, we can catch and treat any developing problems quickly, before they have an opportunity to take hold and cause significant damage. 

Every Case Is Unique

For some patients, visits twice a year may not be enough. This is especially true for patients who suffer from periodontal (gum) disease and are in treatment to improve their health. It may also be true for patients who are experiencing certain medical conditions – such as pregnancy. Hormonal changes can cause changes in your oral health, as well. If you are pregnant, we should check the health of your gums for a common condition known as pregnancy gingivitis. With proper care, we can protect the health of you and your baby. Gum disease during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight and other complications.

Our elderly patients sometimes require more frequent care. Loss of dexterity due to arthritis and oral conditions, such as dry mouth, can put their health at risk when it is most essential!

Contact Us in Evansville, IN

For more information on dental examinations, please don't hesitate to contact our Evansville, IN dental office. We look forward to helping you and your family maintain your oral health.

A man looks up questioningly | preventive dentist evansvilleChronic Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a chronic disease that can severely damage the gum and bone tissue that supports and protects your teeth.

In its earliest stages, gum disease can be easily treated and often reversed by merely improving oral hygiene habits or adding a mild antimicrobial product to your routine. Our hygienists are skilled at determining the treatment that will be right for you.

Once periodontal disease advances past these stages, however, it is no longer reversible, although proper treatment can stop it in its tracks and prevent further damage. It will require constant care and diligence to keep this type of infection at bay because once you have periodontal disease, you will be more prone to flare-ups for the rest of your life. We can help you stay healthy!

Periodontal Disease Linked to Other Health Conditions

Periodontal disease has been linked to many other systemic (and dangerous) health conditions including diabetes, heart disease, strokes, and some types of cancer. At Reliant Family Dental, we take periodontal disease very seriously, and every examination at our office includes a gum disease screening. Dr. Meunier and our skilled hygienists are also experienced at treating gum disease and will work with you to create an effective treatment plan if you are diagnosed with this condition. So if you think you've got periodontal disease, please don't hesitate to contact our Evansville, IN dental office. 

Quality Dental Plan

an image of a stamp laying on insurance papers | Insurance Dentist Evansville IN

We Accept Most Insurances

At Reliant Family Dental, we accept most forms of dental insurance, provided that your plan allows you to choose your dentist! We want to make it easy for you to get the dental care you and your family need for good overall health. We are upfront about costs and can help you determine your out-of-pocket expenses so you can plan.

You can determine whether we are a preferred provider by calling your insurance company. If you need assistance with this or have other insurance-related questions, don't hesitate to call our office so our helpful front desk staff can assist you!

CareCredit For You

If you do not have dental insurance or your dental insurance does not cover all your necessary dental care, we have options for you too! We offer payment options through CareCredit patient financing, which includes both interest-free and long-term options depending on your needs. 

We also offer Quality Dental Plan to help patients without insurance receive discounts on their preventive dentistry and restorative treatment.

Contact Reliant Family Dental

All of this information is outlined on our financial page. You can learn more about your options there or just call our office! Our team is knowledgeable and always willing to help you get the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.

An image of a pencil laying on financing papers | Dental Financing Evansville MNWe Want To Make Dental Care Accessible

Like many people, you might be frustrated with the cost of dental insurance, especially if it is not part of your benefits package through your employer. Since dental insurance covers less and less, but the prices keep going up, many of our patients opt to pay out-of-pocket for their dentistry!

We want to help people access high-quality dentistry – regardless of whether or not you have insurance. We offer a number of financing options, and we are also excited to offer Quality Dental Plan to our patients.

Dental Savings Plans

Quality Dental Plan is not an insurance plan; it is a dental savings plan. You can sign up your entire family. Most of your preventive care – including examinations, cleanings, and x-rays – is 100 percent covered under the plan, and you’ll get substantial discounts on our other services as well. Even cosmetic dentistry options are included, and you decide with Dr. Meunier what is right for you – not some insurance company that is more concerned with their profits than with your smile.

Call Our Evansville, IN To Learn More

The best part of Quality Dental Plan is that you are in charge of your health and you can avoid navigating the confusing, and often frustrating, the world of dental insurance.

Learn more about this savings plan by visiting our Quality Dental Plan page or give our office a call

Quality Dental Plan | Evansville, IN | Reliant Family DentalAt Reliant Family Dental, we believe that everyone deserves quality dental care regardless of insurance coverage or budget. This is why we offer a Quality Dental Plan to area patients and families.

Remember, cheaper dental costs in Evansville, IN does not mean inferior treatments!

Our plan includes but is not limited to the following services yearly:

  • Two dental exams
  • Two teeth cleanings
  • Bitewing x-rays

If you require additional services based on exam findings, we offer significant discounts to our Quality Dental Plan families, too.

How the Quality Dental Plan Works

To take advantage of dental savings in Evansville, IN, you simply pay an annual membership fee of $299.00 and receive:

  • Two dental exams
  • Two teeth cleanings
  • A set of x-rays
  • A professional teeth whitening treatment with custom take-home trays and our prescription-strength bleaching solution
  • A fluoride treatment to keep your teeth strong and help prevent cavities

Further, you can enroll other family members at a discount!

You and your family members will also receive additional savings on services that fall outside the Quality Dental Plan.  

  • Discounts of 20 percent on most dental procedures
  • A discount on all in-office products
  • KöR Deep bleaching and Six Month Smile orthodontics come with a savings of 10 percent

A Reliant Dental Care, we want you and your family members to have healthy teeth and get the services you need without breaking the bank or compromising your savings.

With our Quality Dental Plan, you don’t have to worry about insurance, and the plan more than pays for itself. In fact, without this plan, you would be paying hundreds more for the same services!

Are You Ready for Discount Dentistry in Evansville, IN?

Contact us today to get started on your Quality Dental Plan, or get in touch with our staff if you have any questions!

Six Month Smiles

A woman with braces smiles | Six Month Smiles Evansville, INA beautiful smile makes a great first impression.

Six Month Smiles earned its name because, on average, we can complete your orthodontic treatment in six months. If your case is more complex than average, your treatment may last seven or eight months. If your case is simpler than average, you may be done in just five months. It all depends on how much we need to move your teeth to create a comfortable and beautiful smile.

We Create a Treatment Plant for You

At your consultation with Dr. Meunier, one of the things you will discuss is your expected course of treatment. Six Month Smiles works best for adults wishing to make cosmetic orthodontic changes to the appearance of their smiles. If you have a complex orthodontic case or problems with your bite, we will make a recommendation for another service or maybe a consultation with an orthodontist. We can answer questions related to your treatment and provide you with possible outcomes so you can make a great decision about the appearance of your smile.

Call Our Evansville Practice

Call today to schedule your consultation to learn more about this short-term orthodontic treatment. The sooner you start, the sooner you will be finished.

A Woman Smiles wearing braces | Evansville, IN Six Month SmilesClear Braces For A Beautiful Smile

One of the things that can keep patients from taking the plunge into orthodontic treatment is the idea of unsightly brackets and wires on your teeth.

The braces used during treatment with Six Month Smiles are clear and blend in well with your teeth. People who are very close to you will be able to see that you are wearing braces; however, most people will not.

Focused, Quick Orthodontic Treatment

The best part about Six Month Smiles is that treatment is over in an average of six months, so if you want to improve your appearance for a special occasion, such as a wedding, reunion, party, or vacation, it does not take a long time. Traditional orthodontics can last for years, but since we focus on your front teeth – only the ones that are visible when you smile - Six Month Smiles does not take as long.'

Contact Us

If you want to learn more about how Six Month Smiles works, just give us a call! We are happy to show you the brackets and wires and pictures of people going through treatment so that you can decide if it is right for you. Six months is really a small investment now for a lifelong beautiful smile!

Six Month Smiles | Reliant Family DentalWith today’s busy lifestyles, it’s important to have cosmetic orthodontic options that are hassle-free and fast. No one wants to spend two years in metal braces. This is especially true for adults with careers or parents with constant commitments!

Modern cosmetic orthodontics in Evansville, IN is changing the conversation. In our dental office, it is possible to have straight teeth in six short months with Six Month Smiles.

In this case, we are straightening your smile line—or the teeth that everyone sees when you speak, smile, or laugh. This significantly cuts down on lengthy treatment times and brings you a new smile faster.

Additionally, Six Month Smiles are not metal brackets and wires. There are no rubber bands. The clear brackets we use are barely noticeable.

What Issues Does Six Month Smiles Fix?

Six Month Smiles targets your smile line, and this cosmetic orthodontics process helps with the following:

  • Twisted front teeth
  • Overlapping front teeth
  • Widely spaced front teeth
  • Gapped teeth

Six Month Smiles brings your front teeth in line so you can feel confident when smiling, laughing, and eating.

This cosmetic orthodontic process is not meant to fix significant issues. This process is all about you and your smile…about you and your confidence.

Six Months Smiles Time Line

It all starts with an appointment in our Evansville, IN dental office. If Six Month Smiles is right for you, our top cosmetic dentist will take impressions. From there, your Six Month Smiles will be designed and applied.

Six months later, or in the space of a season, you’ll be smiling with confidence.

Your Smile Goals Matter to Our Dental Team

Let us know what you’d like to achieve for your smile. Schedule a Six Month Smile consultation with our Evansville, IN cosmetic dentist today. It’s never too late to have a beautiful smile with modern cosmetic orthodontics in your corner.

Treatment for Bruxism and TMJ

Jaw joint problems can be excruciating and debilitating. Your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is responsible for helping you talk, laugh, and chew your food comfortably. When it's not functioning correctly, it's known as TMJD or temporomandibular joint disorder.

Symptoms Of TMJD

Your general dentist in Evansville can help to diagnose TMJD, and some of the symptoms you may be dealing with are:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Bruxism - or clenching and grinding your teeth
  • Clicking and popping in your jaw joint
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Tenderness when biting or chewing
  • Your jaw locking open or closed

TMJD can cause one or more of these symptoms, which can significantly impact your quality of life.

The good news is that Dr. Chris Meunier offers TMJ treatment in Evansville that provides relief from your discomfort and gets you back on the path to wellness.

The first step is to accurately diagnose your TMJD as the causes are different for each patient. Once Dr. Meunier has a good idea of the root cause of your discomfort, he can recommend the right treatment to alleviate your pain.

For example, if tooth clenching or grinding is causing your TMJD, you might benefit from wearing a custom night guard that protects your teeth and relaxes your jaw muscles while you sleep.

Contact Reliant Family Dental

Don't live with TMJ pain! If you're looking for the best dentist in Evansville, IN to manage TMJ discomfort, contact Reliant Family Dental today.

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