Evansville Children's Dentistry

Starting your kids off right on the path to a lifetime of good health habits is one of the best gifts you can give them. Good dental habits should be a part of that plan.

At Reliant Family Dental, we make it easy for your entire family to get high quality dental care performed in an easy-going and comfortable environment by a dentist you can trust.

Your Child’s First Appointment

A girl smiles outside after dental cleaning Unless there’s a problem, most kids don’t require dental care until they are about 3 years old. We’re happy to discuss your concerns with you before that, and we’ll discuss ways to keep your children’s teeth healthy up to that point.

By age 3, your child will have a full set of baby teeth, and we’ll have a clear picture of how they are developing. Your child is also old enough to begin following simple instructions and remembering information. The sooner you can get your child involved in his or her own dental care, the more likely they are to develop lasting good habits.

At your child’s first appointment, we’ll introduce ourselves and take your child on a tour of the office. We’ll let your child explore a bit to get familiarized with the new surroundings. Before each step, we’ll discuss what we’re about to do and why, using kid-friendly language that will engage your child.

We’ll perform x-rays to see how the teeth are developing beneath the gums, examine your child’s teeth for any signs of cavities or other issues, and then perform a simple cleaning so your child can get a feel for a typical office visit. We find that “demystifying” the dental office helps make dental care an easy part of normal everyday life and sets kids up to develop good habits.

Home Care for Your Child’s Teetha group of children smiles in front of a white backdrop with school backpacks

When your child is a baby, the only dental care they need is for you to softly wipe their gums with a damp washcloth after feeding. As long as your child is never put to bed with a bottle or allowed to drink too many sugary drinks (like juice or soda), you aren’t likely to experience problems with cavity or decay.

Once your children’s teeth come in, use a soft children’s toothbrush to clean the teeth using gentle motions. Let them see you brushing and flossing your own teeth to help them gain the idea that this is something people do without question – like eating or using the bathroom.

Up until about age 8, you will need to assist your child with brushing to make sure that the surfaces of the teeth are thoroughly cleaned. Around this age, most kids have developed the coordination and level of responsibility necessary to take over their own care.

We are happy to watch your child brush and provide tips and advice to help them develop this crucial life skill. Once your child is brushing independently, continue to supervise occasionally to make sure your child continues to practice good habits.

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