6 Month Smiles in Evansville IN

A woman with braces smiles in front of a white backdropMore adults are opting to get braces than ever before.

Maybe it’s because they never had the opportunity as children. Maybe they had braces but their teeth slowly drifted back over time. Maybe their teeth were fine when they were younger, but they crowded up when the wisdom teeth came in.

Whatever the reason, there’s no question that the way your smile looks has a huge effect on the way others perceive you and the way you feel about yourself. If you are troubled by your crooked, twisted, crowded, or gapped teeth, give us a call to learn about a fast, effective, less visible way of fixing your smile – Six Month Smiles.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic system designed to meet the unique needs of adults who want their teeth straightened. The system works quickly to move the teeth into their correct places using clear brackets that most people won’t even notice.

We understand that you’re busy and that maintaining a professional appearance is important. These braces take very little time and require fewer appointments than traditional braces. Because the treatment time is so short and the braces so inconspicuous, your therapy will be over before you know it and nobody will be the wiser.

A man with braces smiles How Does Six Month Smiles Work?

Six Month Smiles focuses on straightening the front teeth and, unlike traditional braces, doesn’t involve the back teeth, which allows for a faster result in a shorter time. The system uses gentle pressure to move the teeth into their correct places. Despite the shorter treatment time, the system is comfortable and doesn’t damage the teeth, roots, or gums in any way.

Many common orthodontic problems can be fixed with Six Month Smiles.

The most common concerns we see here at Reliant Family Dental are:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Widely spaced teeth
  • Twisted teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Teeth in the wrong place

Six Month Smiles is not designed to fix major problems with your bite or jaw alignment. If you need assistance with this, give us a call and schedule an examination. We’ll be happy to provide a recommendation, and, if necessary, refer you to a specialist.

The Six Month Smiles system is called that because, on average, most cases take about six months to complete. If your issue is more complex than average, your treatment may last seven or eight months. Of course this also means that if your issue is simpler, you could be done in five months or less! We’ll discuss your goals with you and give you a clear picture of what you can expect from the system. We think you’ll be impressed.

The Problem with Crooked Teeth

Even if your teeth don’t bother you from an esthetic standpoint, crooked teeth could be causing problems you aren’t even aware of. Crooked and crowded teeth make it difficult to brush properly and provide extra places for bacteria and plaque to hide. They also make it difficult to floss. In time, the result could be gum disease.

When teeth don’t line up correctly, each bite puts pressure on some of your teeth in ways they weren’t designed to handle. This could eventually lead to chips, cracks, and broken teeth.

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