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Are kids welcome at Reliant Family Dental?

a family laughs on the couchWe're Here For The Whole Family


At Reliant Family Dental, we are here to treat your entire family – it’s right there in our name! We love treating kids, and kids love coming to our office!

We Want to Grow With Your Family

Part of what makes our job enjoyable is the fact that we love watching families grow! We make each experience a positive one so your child will develop a good relationship with Dr. Meunier and our team. This takes the fear out of dentistry for your kids. We always speak in a language they can understand and avoid scary terms that can put our littlest patients on edge. We will start with simple preventive treatments that make the most sense based on the age of your child, and as they grow, we will implement more preventive and diagnostic procedures to protect their teeth and gums.

We Set Your Family Up For Success

We also work to educate parents on caring for their child's teeth and gums. By practicing effective home care, maintaining regular dental exams and cleanings, and considering additional preventive treatments such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments, we can keep your children's teeth and smile bright.

Call today to schedule your child’s dental appointment with Evansville dentist Dr. Chris Meunier. We can't wait to meet all the members of your family.


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