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I don't have insurance. What are my options?

An image of a pencil laying on financing papers | Dental Financing Evansville MNWe Want To Make Dental Care Accessible

Like many people, you might be frustrated with the cost of dental insurance, especially if it is not part of your benefits package through your employer. Since dental insurance covers less and less, but the prices keep going up, many of our patients opt to pay out-of-pocket for their dentistry!

We want to help people access high-quality dentistry – regardless of whether or not you have insurance. We offer a number of financing options, and we are also excited to offer Quality Dental Plan to our patients.

Dental Savings Plans

Quality Dental Plan is not an insurance plan; it is a dental savings plan. You can sign up your entire family. Most of your preventive care – including examinations, cleanings, and x-rays – is 100 percent covered under the plan, and you’ll get substantial discounts on our other services as well. Even cosmetic dentistry options are included, and you decide with Dr. Meunier what is right for you – not some insurance company that is more concerned with their profits than with your smile.

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The best part of Quality Dental Plan is that you are in charge of your health and you can avoid navigating the confusing, and often frustrating, the world of dental insurance.

Learn more about this savings plan by visiting our Quality Dental Plan page or give our office a call

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