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Are dental x-rays safe?

a doctor looks at dental xrays | dentist Evansville inAbsolutely.

Dental x-rays use a very low dose of radiation and provide us with valuable information about what is going on below your gums and underneath the enamel of your teeth. Dental x-rays have always been low in radiation compared to other medical x-rays. We have reduced that low radiation even more by bringing digital dental x-rays to our Evansville, IN dental office.

Digital X-Rays Keep You Safe

At Reliant Family Dental, digital dental x-rays cut your radiation exposure by up to 90 percent and create high-resolution digital images for improved diagnostics. These images make it easy for us to zoom in and highlight specific areas, which we can then show you so you can better understand our recommended treatment plan.

We store your digital dental x-rays in your electronic chart where they are protected by encryption for your privacy. We can quickly send your digital x-rays to other offices should a referral become necessary. We can also easily access them for side-by-side comparisons over time and monitor any dental conditions you have.

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Dental x-rays are a significant investment in your smile and are safe for you and your family! We take only the x-rays necessary to rule out any problems. We can discuss your dental x-rays with you if you have any concerns. If you need x-rays for you and your family, please contact our Evansville, IN dental office today. 

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