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Each Tooth Has a Function

August 28, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Chris Meunier, DDS
Dentist Evansville

No one will argue that the human body is an amazing thing. Each organ, vein, artery, and nerve serves a purpose. So do your teeth! Your teeth each have a function and work together so that you can chew foods that will keep your body healthy and energetic.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of teeth and what they do:


Your incisors are your front four teeth. They bite into the foods you eat and also give your face its unique shape. You also need them to talk and sing. If these teeth stick out too far or tip toward your tongue too far, it can be difficult to speak and eat properly. Your profile will also be affected.


These are your fang teeth on the top and bottom. You have four of them. They tear into food and also guide your jaw into alignment when your mouth is closed. Some people have sharp canines while other people’s are more rounded. They, like your other teeth, wear down with age


The name bicuspids might sound mysterious, but what it really means is “two cusps.” Cusps are the pointy part of your tooth. Your molars have four, while bicuspids have two. These are the chewing helpers, assisting the molars in the chewing process. They also give your bite the support it needs to stay aligned.  Adults have eight of them – four on top and bottom.

Bicuspids are not as easy to see and don’t get the same fanfare as molars, but are still important. Before the introduction of interceptive orthodontics, it was common to remove bicuspids when kids or teens didn’t have enough space for all of their teeth. Early orthodontics, like space maintainers, has reduced that practice.


You don’t often see them hidden way back in your mouth, but these are the workhorses when it comes to chewing food. They grind and masticate, so that you can swallow without choking. If you have a clenching or grinding habit, molars can become worn down and less effective. A nightguard can prevent premature wear.

Your wisdom teeth are also molars – your third molars. That means they come in last. Including your wisdom teeth, you have twelve molars. Some people don’t have all of their wisdom teeth or need to have them removed because they don’t have enough space to grow in properly.

We have x-rays that can show all of your teeth at once to make sure that they are all in their proper place and looking healthy. If you are searching for a new dentist in Evansville or if you are new to the area and want a dentist that emphasizes quality and health, contact Reliant Family Dental to arrange your next appointment. 

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