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How a Kid’s Dentist Instills Healthy Dental Habits in Children

January 21, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Chris Meunier, DDS
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At Reliant Family Dental, our skilled family dentist is also a kid’s dentist, and he is dedicated to instilling healthy dental habits in children early.

Being a good kid’s dentist means easing fears, building trust, and making dental visits fun. Additionally, a good children’s dentist can help you instill healthy oral dental habits at home with your child or children.

Let’s look at how a dedicated kid’s dentist promotes healthy dental habits in children.  

A Kid’s Dentist Eases Fears

Our skilled dentist becomes a kid’s dentist the moment your child is in the dental chair. He is patient and takes his time to make sure your child feels at ease in the dental setting.

In our Evansville, IN dental office, our team believes that building positive relationships with children and communicating with them on their level builds trust  

Praise for Efforts or a Cavity-Free Smile

The desire to please is present in most young children, which provides a great opportunity to instill healthy brushing and flossing habits for life. It’s a great time to set attainable goals like brushing and flossing twice daily.

Our dentist always praises and encourages children to be proactive in their dental health. He also offers tips that you can use at home to make brushing and flossing positive experiences.

A Kid’s Dentist is Fun

From a simple ride in the dental chair to joking around with our dentist and caring team, we do everything we can to make dental exams fun. In other words, we treat your child like family.

Contact Our Dental Office

At Reliant Family Dental, we love treating families and children. We are always available to offer tips and advice to make your child’s experiences with brushing and flossing at home positive, too.

Contact or Evansville, IN dental office to schedule your child’s dental visit today.  

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