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Your Child's Baby Teeth Matter!

July 26, 2020
Posted By: Reliant Family Dental
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Baby teeth are tiny and adorable, and they look like they play a small role in your baby's life, but that's far from the truth. As dental professionals, we are aware of the mistakes parents can make by neglecting their child's baby teeth. 

In fact, your child's baby teeth play an essential role and function. 

The Importance of Baby Teeth

According to the CDC, nearly 25 percent of children have cavities before the age of five. 

Parents play an important role in helping their children make the right decisions, even if it isn't always easy. It's tempting to skip brushing their teeth if they struggle or fight against it, or maybe they've started sleeping before you get a chance to brush. It might also seem easy to let your child snack on sugary treats to keep them content and happy. Yet snacking throughout the day puts your child at risk for cavities. 

The problem with tooth decay and infection is that baby teeth serve as a placeholder until the permanent teeth emerge. Pulling a decayed or weakened baby tooth can create oral health problems for adult teeth. When a tooth is missing, nearby teeth can drift into the gap left behind and interfere with permanent teeth. 

On top of that, little children who had cavities in their baby teeth are usually three times more likely to have them in their adult teeth. The oral health of your five-year-old can affect their risk of disease and decay as an adult. 

How Your Diet Can Harm or Benefit You

Children can develop cavities for many reasons, including too many carbohydrates or sugar, and then not brushing with a fluoride toothpaste. Bacteria within the sugar can cause decay and cavities. Your children's dentist in Evansville, IN, Dr. Chris Meunier, can help parents take proper care of their child's baby teeth.

Schedule Your Child's Dental Cleaning Today

Your child's healthy oral habits start young, and they are especially influenced by how their parents aid them. Dr. Chris Meunier and his fantastic dental team at Reliant Family Dental is always happy to help your child become stronger and healthier. 

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