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How long will a whitening treatment last?

a before and after image of a smile that has been whitened | dentist Evansville INKöR Deep Bleaching System 

At Reliant Family Dental, we use the KöR Deep Bleaching system to get stunning, long-lasting whitening results for our patients without the sensitivity that is common with many other brands. You can expect dramatic results in less time than you might think. We jumpstart your whitening with in-office treatments and then send you home with a touch-up kit to continue your treatment or brighten it, as needed.

Some whitening systems require you to perform the whole treatment every few years or so to keep your teeth sparkling white. With KöR, all you need is some occasional home maintenance to keep your results permanent. How often you need to touch up your teeth is based on you and your lifestyle. If you use tobacco or drink coffee, you can expect to touch up more frequently than others who avoid those staining behaviors.

You May Want to Touch-Up Your Smile

Ultimately, most patients will wish to touch up their whitening at some point. Your custom whitening trays will give you great results. We always stock additional KöR whitening gel so your smile stays gorgeous for your lifetime. A beautiful, white smile can add confidence to your day-to-day interactions and make it easy to make a great first impression! So, if you're interested in enhancing your smile with a whitening treatment, please don't hesitate to contact our Evansville, IN dental team today!

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