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Why are dental implants called the gold standard?

Dental Implants | Evansville, IN | Reliant Family DentalIf you have missing teeth, chances are you’re hiding your smile, chewing on one side, and wishing for something better. At Reliant Family Dental, we get it, and we want to help.

Dental implants in Evansville, IN are the gold standard when it comes to tooth replacement. And our patients who have undergone the dental implant process could not be happier.

Dental Implants Equal the Gold Standard in Tooth Replacement

There is simply no better tooth-replacement restoration on the planet. Dental implants look natural, feel natural, and function as normal teeth. Dental implants also up your oral health, improve your dietary selection, and help save existing teeth. Their versatility is remarkable.

When teeth are missing, the teeth left behind tend to shift toward these new cavernous spaces, which lead to uneven chewing, loose teeth, and wear. Additionally, your jawbone disappears without the support of teeth. Dental implants fix both these issues and help prevent future tooth loss and dental problems.

Dental implants require no messy dental adhesives or special care beyond routine dental visits and a good oral hygiene plan at home. A good oral hygiene plan is important because no restoration in the world protects against gum disease!

How It Works

A dental implant is a slender but sturdy implant post surgically placed in your jaw. It is made of titanium so it is strong and bonds easily with your jawbone over several months. When bonding is complete, you are ready for a permanent restoration tooth crown.

If you have complete tooth loss, approximately four dental implants can support a denture, restoring your bite and your smile!

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