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Setting the Stage for a Lifetime of Better Oral Health

December 28, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Chris Meunier, DDS
A family smiles on a couch | Pediatric Dentistry Evansville IN

What is cuter than a child’s smile? Your child’s healthy smile!

If you recently welcomed a little bundle of joy into your family, chances are that you’re starting to research pediatric dentistry in Evansville, IN for advice and information about caring for your little one’s smile. Even if your baby has not yet reached their first birthday, it’s not too early to begin setting the stage for good oral health. What you do now can impact your child’s oral health for a lifetime.

Wipe Gums with a Soft Cloth

Before your child begins teething, keeping his or her gums clean is still important. Baby washcloths are soft and can be used daily to gently wipe the gums to eliminate any bacteria that develop. Many babies enjoy this feeling, especially when they begin the painful teething process. Special baby oral care kits are also available at pharmacies everywhere.

First Tooth? First Visit!

When your child develops their first tooth, it is time to make a trip to the dentist. For a pediatric dentist in Evansville, we hope you consider Reliant Family Dental. We treat children from their first visit forward in addition to caring for your entire family.

We make dentistry fun and interesting. It is important to remember that kids are not born with a fear of the dentist; it is something they learn. Don’t inadvertently pass on your dental anxiety by using negative language or making comments about hating the dentist.

Baby Teeth Are Important

Baby teeth lay the groundwork for the future of your child’s smile. This is why we advocate caring for them with as adult teeth. Not only do they help your child eat properly, but they also maintain the space necessary for permanent teeth.

Good prevention beginning early can help you save money and hassle in the future. It can also give your child confidence when they smile – something so many parents say brightens their days!

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