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How Is It Possible for Six Month Smiles to Work So Quickly?

July 27, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Chris Meunier, DDS
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If you don’t like the way your front teeth look when you smile, orthodontics can help. As an adult, the idea of years in braces may not appeal to you. In our Evansville, IN dental office, we offer Six Month Smiles for a fast solution to have a straight smile.

Why Does Six Month Smiles Work So Fast?

Rather than a mouth full of brackets and wires, clear brackets and a memory wire just move the front teeth that are visible when you smile. Because Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic orthodontic treatment, it is less involved than comprehensive orthodontics, which can take up to two years (or more) to complete.

The memory wire applies a constant force to the teeth and moves them into proper alignment throughout the course of treatment, which takes approximately six months, as the name suggests.

Orthodontic conditions appropriate for Six Month Smiles:

  • Overlapping or overcrowded teeth
  • Uneven spacing or gaps between teeth
  • Protruding front teeth
  • Over and underbite

In most cases, Six Month Smiles is not appropriate for complex orthodontic conditions that affect the bite or jaw function and is used primarily to make smiles look more attractive when you smile.

It’s never too late for a beautiful smile, and straight teeth are often easier to take care of and can reduce uneven wear.

Orthodontic Evaluations

At Reliant Family Dental, Dr. Chris Meunier will take x-rays and models of teeth. He will also discuss your ideal smile with you to make sure that we provide the type of treatment that will help you achieve your oral health goals and goals for your appearance.

Contact our dental office, located in Evansville, IN, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Meunier. He, along with our entire team, looks forward to helping you achieve optimum oral health and the show-stopping smile you deserve.

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