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Why You Should Never Skip General Dentist Appointments

January 31, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Chris Meunier, DDS
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We all want healthy teeth and gums and a bright smile. At Reliant Family Dental, we believe that this starts with regular dental health visits. We believe in proactive care and regular screenings for potential dental issues.

Dental health contributes to overall wellness. And tooth sensitivity or bad breath, for example, can be signs of a serious dental issue on the horizon. We don’t want you to wait to see our general dentist until you’re in pain!

Here’s why being proactive in your dental health by scheduling and keeping appointments with our general dentist is so important.

Proactive Dental Care Saves Your Teeth

You may think that it’s okay to skip your latest dental appointment. You don’t have a toothache, after all.

Unfortunately, early cavities, infections, and periodontal disease do not always have symptoms until the situations become emergencies. Also, dental infections can spread quickly and compromise your health systemically.

Remember, you want to keep your teeth for life, and this means proactive dental care.

Catching a Dental Issue

Our dentist can spot a small cavity early. This saves you the possibility of a root canal later, for example.

Our dentist can also treat dental issues that may lead to periodontal disease down the road.

Oral Screenings

Treating bad breath, dry mouth, or mouth pain with drugstore mouthwash can help, but if you’ve suddenly developed bad breath or other oral changes, an oral screening is in order.

A general dentist can screen you for signs of sleep apnea and oral cancer.

Contact Our Dental Office

At Reliant Family Dental, we want your teeth to last for life. Contact our Evansville, IN dental office today to schedule your routine dental exam. Our general dentist is eager to start you on the road to great oral health.

We’d also like to remind you to schedule your first six-month dental cleaning for 2019!

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