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How Can My Dentist Help with Bruxism Treatment?

July 12, 2022
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Bruxism is a severe habit that typically occurs during sleep. In fact, you may not know you have it at first, but your Evansville, IN, dentist can spot the telltale signs early and save you a lot of pain and time in the dental chair. For this reason (and so many more), it’s essential to visit us for regular checkups every six months.

Bruxism means you clench and grind your teeth while sleeping. In the early stages, you may not notice anything unusual—mildly sore jaws that are easy to dismiss. But over time, bruxism pain can be severe and lead to a host of complications.

Let’s explore bruxism and how your dentist can help.

Signs and Complications of Bruxism

As you continue to grind and clench your teeth, you may soon notice some or all these symptoms:

  • Fractured or worn teeth
  • Increased cavities
  • Muscular jaw and jaw pain
  • Neck, head, and shoulder pain

Bruxism is also sometimes associated with TMJ, a disorder of the temporomandibular joint (the jaw joint that allows you to chew, yawn, and speak). TMJ pain can also be excruciating and lead to a clicking sound in the jaw.

Bruxism Treatment in Evansville, IN

In our dental office, we can diagnose bruxism and TMJ through a routine exam and x-rays. Your dentist then bases your therapy on the severity or complexity of your bruxism or TMJ. Treatments may involve exercises or recommendations for specific lifestyle changes.

One of our most successful therapies is the nightguard. This custom device, worn over the teeth, gently keeps your teeth apart during sleep, preventing grinding and clenching.

In addition, if you also have TMJ due to bruxism, the device gives your TMJ a chance to heal.

For Bruxism Treatment Near Me, Give Us a Call

Bruxism and TMJ pain can diminish your quality of life and harm your oral health. For an evaluation or if you have questions, contact a dental team member today.

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