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How Dental Crowns Save Smiles

November 10, 2022
Posted By: Chris Meunier, DDS
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Dental crowns in Evansville, IN, offer a variety of practical and aesthetic uses across dentistry, which is why we’re proud to offer them in our dental office.

For our dental crowns, we rely on the best labs and most trusted partners to fabricate your restorations. So you can count on a custom crown and the finest materials every time!

A dental crown is a cap that covers a treated tooth. It is always customized to look like your natural teeth and fit comfortably to restore the look and function of your smile.  

Five Reasons to Consider a Dental Crown

#1 After Endodontics in Evansville, IN

Endodontics is about clearing infection from the center or canal of your tooth in a method called root canal therapy. It is a gentle undertaking that relieves tooth pain and swelling. Your dentist often recommends a tooth crown to restore function and protect the tooth following treatment and recovery.

Root canal therapy starts with a diagnosis by your dentist, and typically you’ll have symptoms, including:

  • Toothache or sensitivity
  • Jaw or face swelling
  • Blister on the gum

Root infection is a dental emergency. If you have warning signs, it’s essential to contact your dentist to avoid loss of the tooth or infection spread.

To clear up a root infection and save your tooth, your dentist numbs the area, removes the infected pulp, and closes the tooth temporarily. Then, you come back in the future for a. filling or crown.

#2 Saving a Broken or Damaged Toothdental crowns evansville in

Whether it’s due to injury or untreated decay, a broken or damaged tooth is always at risk for loss.

Fortunately, your Evansville dentist can often save an at-risk tooth with a dental crown. A dental crown fits over the tooth after it has been treated; treatment includes removing old filling material or jagged bits.

The crown creates a safe space between your treated tooth and the impact of your bite.

#3 Hiding Aesthetic Tooth Flaws

Chips, cracks, abnormally shaped teeth, and discoloration detract from your smile. Fortunately, we can help, offering various cosmetic dentistry options to conceal or repair flaws, including dental crowns.

A dental crown is ideal if the tooth is aesthetically flawed but also at risk for future damage or loss. For example, a chip or crack can worsen without restorative dentistry. A dental crown restores the at-risk tooth and enhances the smile aesthetics!

#4 Dental Crowns as Part of Dental Implants

Dental crowns act as replacement teeth in dental implant technology. A dental implant is a new or artificial tooth root implanted to replace the one you’ve lost. After a healing period—or timeframe for the tooth root to integrate into the jawbone—we place the dental crown or prosthetic atop the implant post.

The crown is visible above the gumline and will always look like your natural teeth.

#5 Dental Crowns to Secure a Dental Bridge

We cement bridge teeth—usually one or two—between dental crowns. The dental crowns cap healthy teeth, allowing the bridge (or artificial) teeth to fill your smile gap.  

A dental bridge, like a dental implant, is a fixed restoration that can only be removed by your dentist.

Dental Crown Candidacy and Care

Your dentist evaluates your tooth to ensure that a dental crown is the best choice for your smile. We want it to complement your smile goals and contribute to function and stability. If your dentist agrees that a crown is the best option, we take impressions, forward our results to the lab, and await crown delivery. You come in for a final adjustment and fitting when your tooth crown arrives.

Crown care is simple because there is nothing extra to remember:

  • Brush your teeth regularly—twice daily or after meals and snacks
  • Floss your teeth regularly—once daily or after meals and snacks
  • Visit your dentist regularly for checkups and teeth cleanings
  • Avoid chewing on sticky or hard foods and objects—ice, taffy, ink pens
  • Report problems to your dentist as soon as possible

With proper care, your dental crown can last for a long time!

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