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I have sensitive teeth. Is teeth whitening right for me?

A woman holds her hand to her mouth | Teeth whitening Evansville, INFor many people wishing to improve the appearance of their smiles, sensitivity is sometimes a concern. Most people can whiten without any side effects, but others find it nearly impossible without the correct products. We want to make whitening accessible for everyone!

While not all forms of teeth whitening are appropriate for people with sensitive teeth, at Reliant Family Dental, we use the KöR Deep Bleaching system, which contains an added desensitizing ingredient – meaning it’s perfectly fine for our patients with sensitive teeth!

KöR teeth whitening is the go-to whitening system for people who have gum recession or other conditions that cause sensitivity. In fact, KöR makes it possible for patients to have whiter teeth, even if they never thought it was possible!

We start with our in-office whitening treatment, and you will leave the same day with your new smile! We also send you home with personalized whitening trays so you can continue treatment at home or use it later, should touch-ups become necessary.

How often you need to touch up your teeth depends largely upon your lifestyle habits. Patients use tobacco or drink coffee will need to perform their at-home treatments more frequently.

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