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Use it or lose it! Insurance benefits expire at the end of the year!

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The holidays are upon us! At this time of year things are hectic and you may not have thought about your dental benefits. Many individuals who are paying for dental insurance do not realize their plans provide coverage up to a specific amount annually.
Consequently, some patients are not scheduling for dental treatment they need, deserve and have insurance to cover. Unfortunately, numerous patients do not realize insurance benefits for each year cannot be carried over to the next year. If the patient does not use the benefit they lose it.
Please contact our office at 402-7676 to discuss your current pending treatment plan and our staff will ...

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Veteran’s Smile Day 2017

The Reliant Family dental staff poses wearing matching shirts to promote Veteran's Smile Day

Reliant Family Dental held its 2nd annual Veteran’s Smile Day on Thursday, November 9th.  Our office was open all day and took care of veterans in need of dental care. This free event was done as a way to give back to our local veterans who have given so much to us.  Dr Meunier and one of our local oral surgeons, Dr Wohlford, treated 32 veterans from the Evansville area.  All in all we did several extractions, fillings, and cleanings and provided over $22,000 worth of dentistry to our local veterans in need.  The staff at Reliant Family Dental really enjoy this day every year.  Not only do our veterans ...

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Don't Believe Everything You Hear about Oral Health

As with most health information, what we learn about dentistry constantly expands. Old myths take a while to die out and sometimes people believe outdated or untrue facts.

Here are a few that are still commonly believed today:

Rinse after Brushing Your Teeth

Many people rinse immediately after they finish cleaning their teeth. Fluoride toothpaste is an important part of a good oral health routine because it combats decay, one of the most common preventable diseases. Since most commercial toothpaste contains fluoride, rinsing after you brush your teeth removes much of this helpful mineral.

It is best to wait 30 minutes or longer to rinse. At night, you can skip rinsing altogether.

You Should Brush ...

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3 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

dental implants evansville

If you have gaps in your smile from missing teeth or if you are facing dental extractions, wanting a reliable way to complete your smile is natural. Many options exist, but not all of them are equally beneficial.

Depending on your current health and lifestyle, you may wish to consider dental implants to replace your teeth since the offer the highest number of benefits overall.

Here Are 3 Reasons to Consider Dental Implants:

#1 Dental Implants Replace the Entire Tooth

Instead of simply replacing the crown of the tooth – the part visible when you smile – a dental implant also replaces the root of your tooth, which promotes healthy bone and provides stability. ...

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Each Tooth Has a Function

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No one will argue that the human body is an amazing thing. Each organ, vein, artery, and nerve serves a purpose. So do your teeth! Your teeth each have a function and work together so that you can chew foods that will keep your body healthy and energetic.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of teeth and what they do:

Incisors – Your incisors are your front four teeth. They bite into the foods you eat and also give your face its unique shape. You also need them to talk and sing. If these teeth stick out too far or tip toward your tongue too far, it can be difficult ...

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What Cosmetic Dentistry Services Are Evansville Residents Requesting?

Cosmetic Dentistry Services | Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Each patient is different and has varying goals for their smiles. We do hear some requests for cosmetic dentistry more often than others because of the great results they provide. Ultimately, the best way for you to find out your options is to set up a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Chris Meunier. In the meantime, here are our two most popular cosmetic services.

Innovative Teeth Whitening with KöR

Because we choose to use KöR Deep Teeth Bleaching in our office, we receive many calls requesting a brighter smile. Our system is different from others because it reduces sensitivity and achieves amazing results in one office visit. 

People who drink coffee, red wine, ...

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Can't Resist Sweets? This New Study May Reveal Why

Sweets and Your Teeth | Reliant Family Dental

A new study reveals that a love of sweets may not be easily explained away as a lack of willpower. As with many things, your love of sweets can come from genetics and may be driven by hormones. Combined with the research that shows sugar is highly addictive, this may mean that your search for sweets results in an increase in dental decay, putting your smile at risk.

How Sugar Impacts Healthy Teeth

Dentists have been discussing the impact of sugar on your smile for decades. As sugar has taken a bigger role in the average American diet, we combatted this rise in decay with fluoride in municipal drinking water to reduce ...

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