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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Six Month Smiles

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Six Month Smiles

A woman with braces smiles | Six Month Smiles Evansville, INA beautiful smile makes a great first impression.

Six Month Smiles earned its name because, on average, we can complete your orthodontic treatment in six months. If your case is more complex than average, your treatment may last seven or eight months. If your case is simpler than average, you may be done in just five months. It all depends on how much we need to move your teeth to create a comfortable and beautiful smile.

We Create a Treatment Plant for You

At your consultation with Dr. Meunier, one of things you will discuss is your expected course of treatment. Six Month Smiles works best for adults wishing to make cosmetic orthodontic changes to the appearance of their smiles. If you have a complex orthodontic case or problems with your bite, we will make a recommendation for another service or maybe a consultation with an orthodontist. We can answer questions related to your treatment and provide you with possible outcomes so you can make a great decision about the appearance of your smile.

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Call today to schedule your consultation! The sooner you start, the sooner you will be finished.

A Woman Smiles wearing braces | Evansville, IN Six Month SmilesClear Braces For A Beautiful Smile

One of the things that can keep patients from taking the plunge into orthodontic treatment is the idea of unsightly brackets and wires on your teeth.

The braces used during treatment with Six Month Smiles are clear and blend in well with your teeth. People who are very close to you will be able to see that you are wearing braces; however, most people will not.

Focused, Quick Orthodontic Treatment

The best part about Six Month Smiles is that treatment is over in an average of six months, so if you want to improve your appearance for a special occasion, such as a wedding, reunion, party, or vacation, it does not take a long time. Traditional orthodontics can last for years, but since we focus on your front teeth – only the ones that are visible when you smile - Six Month Smiles does not take as long.'

Contact Us

If you want to learn more about how Six Month Smiles works, just give us a call! We are happy to show you the brackets and wires and pictures of people going through treatment so that you can decide if it is right for you. Six months is really a small investment now for a lifelong beautiful smile!

Six Month Smiles | Reliant Family DentalWith today’s busy lifestyles, it’s important to have cosmetic orthodontic options that are hassle-free and fast. No one wants to spend two years in metal braces. This is especially true for adults with careers or parents with constant commitments!

Modern cosmetic orthodontics in Evansville, IN is changing the conversation. In our dental office, it is possible to have straight teeth in six short months with Six Month Smiles.

In this case, we are straightening your smile line—or the teeth that everyone sees when you speak, smile, or laugh. This significantly cuts down on lengthy treatment times and brings you a new smile faster.

Additionally, Six Month Smiles are not metal brackets and wires. There are no rubber bands. The clear brackets we use are barely noticeable.

What Issues Does Six Month Smiles Fix?

Six Month Smiles targets your smile line, and this cosmetic orthodontics process helps with the following:

  • Twisted front teeth
  • Overlapping front teeth
  • Widely spaced front teeth
  • Gapped teeth

Six Month Smiles brings your front teeth in line so you can feel confident when smiling, laughing, and eating.

This cosmetic orthodontic process is not meant to fix significant issues. This process is all about you and your smile…about you and your confidence.

Six Months Smiles Time Line

It all starts with an appointment in our Evansville, IN dental office. If Six Month Smiles is right for you, our top cosmetic dentist will take impressions. From there, your Six Month Smiles will be designed and applied.

Six months later, or in the space of a season, you’ll be smiling with confidence.

Your Smile Goals Matter to Our Dental Team

Let us know what you’d like to achieve for your smile. Schedule a Six Month Smile consultation with our Evansville, IN cosmetic dentist today. It’s never too late to have a beautiful smile with modern cosmetic orthodontics in your corner.

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