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Why You Should Never Skip General Dentist Appointments

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We all want healthy teeth and gums and a bright smile. At Reliant Family Dental, we believe that this starts with regular dental health visits. We believe in proactive care and regular screenings for potential dental issues.

Dental health contributes to overall wellness. And tooth sensitivity or bad breath, for example, can be signs of a serious dental issue on the horizon. We don’t want you to wait to see our general dentist until you’re in pain!

Here’s why being proactive in your dental health by scheduling and keeping appointments with our general dentist is so important.

Proactive Dental Care Saves Your Teeth

You may think that it’s okay to skip your latest ...

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Three Problems That Can Can Cause You To Need A Root Canal

a woman sits in the dental chair holding her hand to her jaw | root canals evansville in

Many people try to avoid root canals at all costs, even preferring to have their teeth extracted because of the false rumors surrounding this tooth-saving procedure. We want to reassure you that in our Evansville, IN dental office, we provide painless root canals using the appropriate levels of anesthetic to keep you comfortable during your procedure. In most cases, patients are relieved by having a root canal and feel significantly improved by the time they leave our dental practice.

Here are the three main problems that can lead to the need for a root canal.

Deep Decay That Spreads To The Nerve

An undetected filling can cause significant damage to the tooth, ...

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Use it or lose it! Insurance benefits expire at the end of the year!

An animated image of a tooth on top of a stack of cash | Evansville IN Insurance Dentist

The holidays are upon us! At this time of year things are hectic and you may not have thought about your dental benefits. Many individuals who are paying for dental insurance do not realize their plans provide coverage up to a specific amount annually.
Consequently, some patients are not scheduling for dental treatment they need, deserve and have insurance to cover. Unfortunately, numerous patients do not realize insurance benefits for each year cannot be carried over to the next year. If the patient does not use the benefit they lose it.

Contact Us

Please contact our office at 402-7676 to discuss your current pending treatment plan and our staff ...

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Can't Resist Sweets? This New Study May Reveal Why

Sweets and Your Teeth | Reliant Family Dental

A new study reveals that a love of sweets may not be easily explained away as a lack of willpower. As with many things, your love of sweets can come from genetics and may be driven by hormones. Combined with the research that shows sugar is highly addictive, this may mean that your search for sweets results in an increase in dental decay, putting your smile at risk.

How Sugar Impacts Healthy Teeth

Dentists have been discussing the impact of sugar on your smile for decades. As sugar has taken a bigger role in the average American diet, we combatted this rise in decay with fluoride in municipal drinking water to reduce ...

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