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How a Root Canal Actually Relieves Your Pain

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There is no dental procedure with a worse reputation than root canals. Sadly, the misconception is that root canal therapy is painful, which couldn't be further from the truth. A root canal actually relieves your pain, eliminates a dental infection, and protects your natural tooth structure. Your dentist in Evansville, IN is here to shed light on the truth about root canals.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

If you've been told your tooth needs root canal therapy, it's likely that you are in pain. When trauma or decay reaches the inner pulp of your tooth, it can be excruciating - the kind of discomfort that can keep you awake ...

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Want to Transform Your Smile? How a Bridge Can Help

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Few dental conditions impact the appearance and function of the teeth as much as tooth loss. Losing a tooth creates a gap in the smile and health conditions that can have a negative effect on the function of your remaining teeth.

Dental bridges can give you your smile back and eliminate the chain-reaction of health conditions that lead to reduced function and an incomplete smile. We offer natural-looking, tooth-colored bridges in our Evansville, IN dental office to give patients the power to smile confidently again.

Cosmetic Reasons for a Dental Bridge

If you find yourself covering your smile with your hand because of a missing tooth, you may want to consider a ...

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When Drinking Is a Problem... for Your Teeth

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Just about everyone knows that drinking too much has some serious health implications, but they may not realize that it can have a negative impact on your oral health too. Dr. Chris Meunier, your Evansville dentist, wants to share this information in an effort to help you enjoy better oral health and wellness.

Dehydration and Dry Mouth

Alcohol increases urination, causing the body to become dehydrated. Prolonged dehydration, even during sleep, can lead to dry mouth. Since saliva is your body’s natural defense against gum disease and decay, dry mouth can mean more cavities and development of gum disease.

Increased Risk of Oral Cancer

Alcohol and tobacco use have both been linked to ...

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Veteran’s Smile Day 2017

The Reliant Family dental staff poses wearing matching shirts to promote Veteran's Smile Day

The 2nd Annual Veteran's Smile Day

Reliant Family Dental held its 2nd annual Veteran’s Smile Day on Thursday, November 9th.  Our office was open all day and took care of veterans in need of dental care. This free event was done as a way to give back to our local veterans who have given so much to us.  Dr Meunier and one of our local oral surgeons, Dr Wohlford, treated 32 veterans from the Evansville area.  All in all we did several extractions, fillings, and cleanings and provided over $22,000 worth of dentistry to our local veterans in need.  The staff at Reliant Family Dental really enjoy this day every ...

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Don't Believe Everything You Hear about Oral Health

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As with most health information, what we learn about dentistry constantly expands. Old myths take a while to die out and sometimes people believe outdated or untrue facts.

Here are a few that are still commonly believed today:

Rinse after Brushing Your Teeth

Many people rinse immediately after they finish cleaning their teeth. Fluoride toothpaste is an important part of a good oral health routine because it combats decay, one of the most common preventable diseases. Since most commercial toothpaste contains fluoride, rinsing after you brush your teeth removes much of this helpful mineral.

It is best to wait 30 minutes or longer to rinse. At night, you can skip rinsing altogether.

You Should Brush ...

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Each Tooth Has a Function

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No one will argue that the human body is an amazing thing. Each organ, vein, artery, and nerve serves a purpose. So do your teeth! Your teeth each have a function and work together so that you can chew foods that will keep your body healthy and energetic.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of teeth and what they do:


Your incisors are your front four teeth. They bite into the foods you eat and also give your face its unique shape. You also need them to talk and sing. If these teeth stick out too far or tip toward your tongue too far, it can be difficult to speak ...

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