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Dentures – A Practical Solution for Tooth Loss

Dentures | Evansville, IN | Reliant Family Dental

No one likes to think about tooth loss. However, people lose teeth for a variety of reasons. At Reliant Family Dental, we hold no judgments. We only want you to regain your smile and feel confident again.

While there are several options when it comes to tooth loss, Dentures represent an affordable and practical solution. Also, dentures in our Evansville, IN dental office are natural looking and provide a comfortable and functional fit.

When dentures are made well, they not only improve your smile, but they allow you to eat a wider variety of foods.

Patients at our office who have gotten dentures have all been delighted with the results!

What Are Removable ...

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3 Changes You'll Notice in Modern Dentures

Changes in Modern Dentures | Reliant Family Dental

If you were lucky enough to spend weekends at your grandparents’ house as a kid, you might have memories of their false teeth swimming in a glass of water by their bedside table. One thing is certain, old-fashioned dentures had room for improvement.

Fortunately, modern dentistry has helped dentures progress in a number of ways along with restorative dentistry and preventive care. As a consistently changing science, dentistry offers us the best care in history today in our neighborhood dental offices.

3 Changes You Will Notice in Modern Dentures

If your grandparents regularly removed their dentures, it is probably because back then they were not very comfortable. Ill-fitting dentures create sores and ...

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